Dune speed up address data entry with Loqate for the very best online user experience

The Dune Group has evolved into one of the most influential players in fashion footwear and accessories. Starting out as a small concession in London in 1992, it has grown to a group with 300 stores and concessions in 24 countries around the world. As the company extends its global reach, its online offering has demonstrably contributed to its overall success.

The way Loqate's address verification tool works is much better for our international website. Postal codes in other parts of the world are not as consistent as those in the UK which makes it  far better for the user as it works differently to traditional postal code lookup.

The tool speeds up data entry which benefits the customer, but for us the consistency of the data in the way it’s formatted is a real plus particularly for internationally captured data. For example, it captures address data in a consistent format, which standardises the data across all our systems.

Our online visitors get the very best usability experience while ensuring parcels are delivered on time to the right recipient.

Other benefits include the accuracy of the harvested data which we can use for a range of marketing activities, and has also enabled our store staff to take orders in the store via a handheld device. Postal code lookup makes it quicker to take the customer’s delivery address.

Address verification is an important part of Dune's commitment to ensuring that website visitors get the very best usability experience

The service simply works and works well, so much so that we’ve never had to ask for technical help. We’ve also received excellent levels of customer support particularly when we first adopted the service.

We have experienced significant improvements to our international conversion rates. Ireland, for example which didn’t have postcodes at the time we deployed the service, has seen a conversion rate improvement of 40% in the time period under review. This supports the intuitive capability of Loqate's technology in geographic areas where postcodes are not established.

Our users and customers seem to really like it. For example we received a lovely quote from one our users saying that “Dune’s address auto-complete is superb”, which says it all really.

Kate Smyth, Director of Ecommerce, The Dune Group

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