Loqate's address verification technology increases Flobot's customer signups by 20%

Fresh Milk Software's, Flobot, is a new payment and job management system for service companies and trades people. The deployment of Loqate’s Address Validation solution added another dimension to Flobot’s well-valued credibility.

The sector we work with is a complex one. It’s a collaboration of contractors. Cleaning and maid services, small tradesmen, suppliers, architects and interior designers, often involving movement from one site to another. The environments they work in or they may be visiting are challenging and noisy making it difficult for people to take down addresses and contact numbers. Getting the right address at the initial stage of a project is so important. Addressing errors can seriously hamper a project which is costly for the main contractor.

To put it into context, building projects involve plasterers, plumbers, electricians, architects and building supplies all turning up at a particular site to perform different tasks at different times. You can imagine the frustration and chaos when contractors and supplies turn up at the wrong address.

As a building project progresses and bulky items are delivered to site, such as kitchens, bathrooms and furnishings, it can cause chaos if certain items go astray.

The way Loqate's address verification tool works makes it perfect for these challenging environments and is perfect for our 'on the move' Flobot software users, looking to create job estimations and schedule work. Contractors and subcontractors are able to accurately capture addresses in these challenging environments, in the absence of a static site office. Using their mobile devices they can accurately key in address data with agility and speed, without falling foul of the ‘fat finger’ syndrome.

We tried many address validation solution competitor products but for us Loqate came out on top. The technology from Loqate is the simplest and fastest to use, it’s ultra-reliable software and in our opinion the best on the market.

Since using Loqate’s address verification software, we’ve seen an average 20% increase in customer signups.

It saves our customers lots of time and money and they seem to be keen to evangelize it as an effective solution that has totally improved the way they work. For them, capturing accurate addresses at the start of a project is an imperative as inaccuracies can compound a catalogue of errors throughout the contracting process.

An example of where Address Validation delivers huge benefits is for our cleaning and maid service clients; an important sector for us. It is critical that the cleaner has an accurate address to enable them to clean a property the first time. As many of them don’t speak English as a first language, address validation means they arrive to the right door. Get this wrong and it means dozens of telephone calls between all parties.

Rober Barney, co-founder, Fresh Milk Software 

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