Gymshark enhance online store with Loqate's address verification tool

Founded by two school friends Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan in 2012, Gymshark has now become one of the fastest growing and most innovative sports fitness brands in the UK. From a local entrepreneurial start-up it has now been transformed into the multi-million pounds global business it is today.

Constantly pushing technical and innovative boundaries Gymshark is equally committed to providing excellent customer service. As it continues to develop a global customer base, ensuring the accuracy of its address data has become an operational priority, shipping to the US, Canada and other parts of the world.

The decision to adopt Loqate's address verification tool within it’s ecommerce store reflects the company’s commitment to improving the online user experience, as well as alleviating addressing errors.

One of the main reasons for using Loqate's address verification tool was that we knew it would ensure that addresses were accurate before goods were dispatched through our warehouse and distribution facility. This has been particularly beneficial for overseas consignments where address formats differ vastly from country to country.

Deploying address validation has vastly improved customer user experience which is really important to us as we grow as a business and ship more consignments overseas which is a continually growing market for us. For example, America and Canada is an expanding market although we also ship to other parts of the world. The Middle East for example, expressly Dubai where we ship directly to an exclusive retail outlet.

Its deployment also has an impact on improving customer user experience by cutting down key strokes and speeding up the order process.

Speeding up the customer checkout process and the accuracy of the address data captured means a lot less manual intervention having to correct addressing errors. For example inaccurate addresses constitute sending an email to the customer to attempt to rectify errors. This all takes up valuable admin time which has been avoided by the simple adoption of address validation.

Since using Loqate, we have definitely seen a decrease in failed postal deliveries due to inaccurate address data.

From a developer perspective its simple integration process was completed in a day and automated processes such as automatic renewal means that I rarely have to ask for technical support. Suffice to say we are very happy with the service.

Sebastian Mills, Head of IT, Gymshark

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