Address capture enhances Hotel Chocolat’s online sales conversions

Hotel Chocolat chose Loqate for its online checkout address finder on its new website. Following their implementation, the company reported an increase in sales conversions and improved quality of its database.

The way that Loqate’s addressing technology works is a more intuitive solution to the traditional address lookup process. Everyone knows their own postcode but they may not be sure of a friend or relative’s address, quite often relying on one key piece of information such as the house name or number.

The fact that Loqate has the capability of working over a wide-range of geographic territories is also important as we now have a growing market presence in the in the United States and continental Europe.

A key priority for us was to ensure that all customer, gift recipient and prospect contact data captured was accurate, clean and up-to-date. It’s crucial to populate web forms with accurate delivery address details to ensure we meet customer expectations and deliver on our promise of 100% happiness guaranteed.

From a usability perspective it was also vital that we made it as simple as possible for our customers completing online forms, particularly those who may be entering multiple delivery addresses.

Initial results show that sales conversion rates throughout each step of the basket funnel have improved by 19%. Deploying Loqate’s solution has demonstrably contributed to these positive results.

Our delivery success rates remain high and the quality of data within our database has clearly improved.

The overwhelming consensus from independent usability studies has been very positive with the address finder praised for being particularly easy to use. Everyone seems to love our new site and the new addressing solution!

Matthew Keys, Digital Marketing Manager, Hotel Chocolat

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