Loqate helps In The Style create a friction-free mobile first experience

Adam Frisby started In The Style from his bedroom in 2013. Fast forward six years and this fast fashion brand is one the UK’s leading ecommerce retailers, with a multi-million pound turnover, working with the most en vogue social influencers, an international presence and over 2 million fashionista followers on social media.

Jon Cleaver, Chief Technical Officer for In The Style, told us that the key to their success has been creating the best digital experience for their predominantly 16 to 25-year-old female, mobile loving, audience – from product selection, to checkout and beyond.

“With over 80% of traffic coming from mobile, mostly iOS users, creating a friction free mobile user experience is our number one priority” says Cleaver.

The likes of eMarketing report that by 2021, mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for over half (54%) of total ecommerce sales.  Creating a quick, easy and convenient experience is key to online retailers, especially those targeting younger, tech savvy consumers – this is why Loqate were chosen as In The Style’s real-time address validation provider.

Following an extensive testing period – Loqate’s address look-up product came out as a winner for improving In The Style’s mobile UX

“For our customers, no checkout is the best checkout, it’s vital that we remove all friction from our ecommerce and mobile site. We are a mobile first, digital driven development team because our customers expect the very best in UX.

Over the last six months, we have invested a lot of time into improving our checkout, ensuring that it is fully optimised for our audience. From payment methods through to real-time address verification in the delivery and billing forms, our customers want a quick experience and Loqate have been key to supporting our fast checkout strategy”.

Echoing the quick experience expected online, delivery of the product must be quick too, not only in the UK, but also for this leading brand’s global on-trend audience. In The Style ship internationally to Ireland, Europe, the USA and Australia, this means that world-wide data quality is paramount to enabling an efficient ecommerce to logistics process.

“Capturing accurate delivery address details is really important; it enables us to get our products to our customers super-fast, with no delay. Integrating Loqate into our checkout has really helped improve the quality of the data we capture, particularly our international data; and in turn this has helped with on-time delivery rates”.

Integrating Loqate into our checkout has really helped improve the quality of the data we capture

Just like fashion, customer expectations are always evolving, and consumers today demand the very best from their favourite brands. In The Style’s future is bright as it continues to push the boundaries when it comes to forward thinking fashion, of the moment collaborations and the very best in mobile UX.

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