Joseph Joseph celebrate international success with Loqate

From humble beginnings, Joseph Joseph has grown to become an award-winning international houseware brand, sold in over 100 countries across the globe with offices in London, New York, Paris, Dusseldorf and Tokyo.

As the company increases its international market presence Joseph Joseph’s website has become a key part in its success. In addition to an aesthetic redesign of the site, Loqate’s Address Verification service has been deployed through its Magento Enterprise platform.

The company has experienced strong online growth in the UK and internationally and it wanted to continue to build upon that success by improving its site for their expanding global customer base. Joseph Joseph’s one page checkout has reduced the number of steps and data entry required for its customers to complete. This enables a completely seamless checkout process without losing them along the way.

With more checkout enhancements planned for the next phase of the website’s development Joseph Joseph intends to simplify the customer journey even further.

Loqate's address validation technology means there’s less data for the customer to enter which definitely enhances user experience. The second benefit is that it lowers the risk of failed postal deliveries which is really important to our business.

As the wholesale ecommerce side of the business grew, failed deliveries caused us a big headache

As the volume of orders increased so did the percentage of abortive deliveries and the reputational damage caused by negative feedback. The process to rectify a failed delivery means that the consignment often gets returned to our warehouse where its delivery then has to be rescheduled. This involves a waste of resource including the admin time involved and the additional costs of postage.

We decided to go with Loqate's Address Verification tool for Magento over other competitors because it gives our customers the flexibility to enter their address using the postcode finder first or by using any part of their address. The solution takes a hybrid approach which gives the user options, depending on which way they prefer.

We have been using Loqate for quite a while now and we feel that the differentiators over competitor products really stand out. For example, we ship to around 70 different countries which involves extremely complex address formats. This is a USP in itself. Loqate's technology is highly intuitive with its ability to capture accurate, formatted addresses data from whatever the country of origin the user is from.

Using Loqate has also helped us to reduce failed deliveries and improve the customer journey significantly, which is exactly what we set out to achieve.

With the launch of our French site in 2015 joining our US subsidiary and our German and Japanese sites making their debuts later on in the year, Loqate will help us to continually deliver improvements in customer usability and alleviate postal delivery failure. On top of this, it gives us a scalable model which will allow us to develop other international markets with minimal investment costs as the project can be managed by a relatively small team.

Loqate really stood out for us because of the constant innovation and the way things never stand still as their corporate culture is to keep innovating and improving.

Mike Warwick, Head of Online Marketing, Joseph Joseph

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