Marley Spoon finds its meal ticket to success with Loqate

Marley Spoon is a German-based gourmet meal kit company that operates in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Netherlands as well as the USA and Australia. By 2020, it had doubled its global net revenue to $305m and delivered close to 50 million meals.   


With over 300.000 active customers worldwide, it became an increasing challenge to successfully deliver to all customers due to poor address quality. This also led to a worsened customer experience.


The integration of Loqate Capture and Verify was the first step to ensure accurate addresses.


Marley Spoon was able to register a significant increase in delivery rates, and a reduced time customers spent in the sign-up process and an improved customer experience.


With the company headquartered in Germany, Marley Spoon ships to lots of different countries. Countries that use different address formatting. Without standardising these addresses, Marley Spoon faced many problems with failed deliveries. 

Not only did this lead to higher costs, but since packages never arrived or arrived late, customers became increasingly frustrated. Improving the overall customer experience was another problem Marley Spoon wanted to work on.

Part of the reason for Marley Spoon’s desire for accurate deliveries stemmed from the nature of its product. Although food packages come with certain methods of cooling, they are still liable to spoil if not delivered on the same day they are shipped.

"Our main issue was that we were having label creation errors. We had over 20,000 cases in five months. In each case, we can attribute a price to every box that isn’t delivered, and on top of that, we also have an unhappy customer. During that investigation, we realised that this was in many cases due to an undeliverable address, or the driver couldn’t find it as the quality of the address just wasn't good enough.”


“We needed a solution, something that first makes it easy for users to quickly select the correct address, and a way to validate those addresses to make sure they actually exist.”

After understanding the challenges the company faced, Marley Spoon realised in order to improve the number of failed deliveries, they have to better guide customers through the checkout process and ensure all addresses are accurate and standardised. To achieve these objectives, Marley Spoon decided to integrate Loqate's Capture and Verify. Address Capture suggests and completes precise locations anywhere in the world in just three keystrokes. Address Verify ensures the entered data is correct: it standardises the captured data and enriches it to improve accuracy.


- Turning fresh ingredients into a winning experience

By implementing Loqate’s Address Capture and Verify, Marley Spoon saw a significant increase in successful deliveries. Thanks to an improved checkout process and delivering packages on-time, Marley Spoon has not only reduced the time customers spent in the sign-up process - more importantly, they increased the customer experience: from checkout to delivery.

We are really happy with this result and the support received from an integration standpoint.

- Marah Kaiser, Product Manager, Marley Spoon

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