Maze Media Improves Verification Speed of 26,000 Addresses by Over 80% With Loqate

Maze Media, an award-winning Marketing agency based in King’s Lynn and London, specialises in results-driven marketing campaigns. One of their major clients is in the Insurance sector, relying heavily on direct mail campaigns.


Maze faced an ominous monthly challenge of conducting a highly manual address verification process, consuming significant time and resources. 


Maze recognised the potential time and cost savings that could be made through Loqate‘s solution, prompting them to make the switch.


Loqate slashed their address verification process by 80% from 8 hours one day a month to just 1.5 hours. This transformation not only significantly increased their operational capacity but also enhanced confidence in the integrity of their data.

The time saving is huge for us, also the quality of data is so much better that the need for corrections has been nearly eradicated

- Katy Allen, Head of Data


Maze Media's monthly campaign for their Insurance industry client involved manually conducting over 26,000 address checks. The process took a painful 8 hours, requiring the team to access a remote server and use Windows, effectively consuming an entire workday each month. This inefficiency not only drained valuable time but also hindered their ability to focus on strategic planning and driving more revenue initiatives for their client.

The challenge extended beyond the time-consuming process. The team's manual approach to address verification left room for errors and required meticulous supervision to ensure accuracy. The frustration reached a tipping point, prompting Maze to seek a more efficient, reliable and profitable solution.


In search of a solution, Maze Media looked to Loqate; recognising the value of one “always on” solution optimised to deliver accuracy and performance that could correct, suppress and enrich address data.
Maze almost immediately realised the opportunity for extensive time and cost savings with Loqate's high volume SFTP and API delivery, capable of processing millions of records quickly & cheaply. 

The ability to easily and quickly improve their data quality process without having to integrate new software appealed to Maze, promising not just efficiency improvement but also offering relief to their team from the cumbersome manual checks.

The  decision to implement Loqate was a strategic move to enhance overall operational effectiveness.


Since the implementation of Loqate in August 2023, Maze has experienced a profound transformation in their address verification process. What used to be an 8-hour ordeal has now been streamlined to just 1.5 hours, representing a monumental 80% leap in efficiency.

The success extends beyond time savings. With Loqate, the need for meticulous manual supervision has been eliminated. The monthly update through Loqate ensures data correctness, allowing the team to dedicate minimal time to address adjustments. This not only frees up valuable hours but also instils confidence in the quality of their data.

Maze's success with Loqate is not just about addressing a specific challenge; it's about empowering their team to refocus on strategic initiatives, ensuring their campaigns are not just delivered but crafted with precision and effectiveness. Loqate has become an integral part of their workflow, not just as a solution but as a catalyst for enhanced productivity and unparalleled data accuracy.

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