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My 1st Years, has quickly become the number one personalised baby brand in the world. Their products hit the headlines when toddling Prince George was photographed wearing one of their dressing gowns while meeting President Obama.
With an extensive product range including teddies, toys, bed, blankets, clothing and home accessories, the company prides itself on remaining true to its core values. Second-to-none customer service, top quality memorable products and value for money continue to be paramount. The adoption of Loqate's Address verification in their Magento checkout has been key to My 1st Years sustaining its core values in its, ever expanding, online offering.

We needed a solution that would safeguard us against failed postal deliveries as a result of customers entering inaccurate address data in the checkout. It’s not simply the cost of re-sending a parcel but it’s also the strain on our customer services team in having to rectify the addressing error manually which is not a cost-effective use of their time.

We came across Loqate as customers of other popular websites, noticing a quick and user friendly method of filling in address forms that others were using. Our decision to deploy address verification in our checkout process was to make it much faster for our customers to enter their address details accurately. After a thorough research of the market there was very little competition. The service was a little bit more expensive, but for us the API functionality and user interface made it the best solution. Very few competitor products came up to the mark.

Loqate's address verification international data coverage also enables us to extend our global market. It gives us the ability to consign customer parcels to Europe, North and South America and South East Asia. We already send customer orders to remote parts of the world so the service does not prohibit us geographically.

We know by using Google analytics tools that Loqate has reduced customer checkout time by up to five seconds

The service vastly improves user experience by reducing keystrokes which also speeds up the customer ordering process.

We know through Google Analytics that by using Loqate we have reduced customer checkout time by up to five seconds on average which is a significant metric. While the capture of the most up-to-date address data ensures that orders are delivered swiftly to the right address.

We know that the majority of our customers are using mobile devices, and the way Loqate's address validation works by users entering a mere fragment of their address, is perfect for people on the move.

For us, what really made Loqate stand out is the quality of the technology, the mobility it offers our customers and the holistic approach Loqate offers in their products.

– Anthony Totton, Chief Technical Officer, My 1st Years

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Address Verification

Address Verification

Remove friction and improve conversion rates by providing a faster way to enter delivery addresses as well as assisting successful parcel delivery.

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