Loqate help NFU Mutual achieve 40,000 successful online enquiries

NFU Mutual was founded by seven farmers in 1910. Over a century later with 300+ local branches and a strong online presence they are the UK’s leading rural insurer and offer a wide range of products including General Insurance, Life Cover, Pensions and Investments.

Loqate’s address validation service has been effectively implemented across all of NFU Mutual’s online contact forms and sits within their branch finder tool. Following a recent tender process is now also being implemented into the CRM system to help ensure the accuracy of customer postal code information.

Rebecca Davies is the Lead Digital Marketing Consultant at NFU Mutual, her priority is to ensure that postcode information captured online is accurate in order to deliver the right information about local branches to the customer and to ensure the online forms get routed to the correct branch.

We’ve received 40,000 successful enquiries through our online contact forms using the Loqate service.

As a financial organisation it’s really important for NFU Mutual to deliver fast, accurate results from the postcode information customers enter. Their reputation is built on an outstanding service for their customers and they continue to build on that. Having worked with Loqate for several years and this year in the deployment of the new website, they have utilised the address verification service in a slightly different way which has increased the benefit to the business. In six months, NFU Mutual have received 40,000 successful enquiries through their online contact forms using postcode lookup, and have seen a 1777% jump in the number of branch searches through the branch finder tool on the website.

Davies joined NFU Mutual in late 2016, and was already aware of the good reputation Loqate had for quality from her time working in local authority and other financial organisations. 

I knew we could trust Loqate to supply us with accurate information, that coupled with the dashboard tools you provide, we have a strong working relationship.

The flexibility of Loqate service and the support from the team allowed NFU Mutual to implement a complex data tool, dynamically across the entire site in a relatively short period of time and pain free.

“I think we’ve only just got to the edge of what Loqate can offer us data wise, so I look forward to exploring what else we can achieve working together”.

Rebecca Davies, Lead Digital Marketing Consultant, NFU Mutial