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For the last 30 years Selenity has been delivering fast, innovative and configurable cloud technologies to help HR and finance departments across a diverse range of industries, helping to streamline business processes, reduce spend and comply to policies and procedures. They live by the mission of making expenses fun and creating a smooth employee relations experience.

Ten years ago, Selenity were looking for an address verification and geocoding provider to integrate into their employee expenses solution to help enhance their journey validation, as well as improve end user experience

Anthony Sherwin, Client Services Director at Selenity explains “we understand that for the end user, administrative tasks such as expenses can be time intensive, and quite often they aren’t intuitive. For finance and HR teams it’s vital from a reporting and compliance perspective that the data entered is accurate. Due to nature of paper expenses, the risk of human error is high. We knew we needed to find a technology partner who could work with us to offer an improved digital experience for our customers.”

The pin point accuracy of the distances and directions API from Loqate, coupled with the many home to office deductions in expenses, has reduced mileage cost to our clients by around 18%.

Relationship goes from strength to strength

Following a testing period, in 2008 Loqate (then known as Postcode Anywhere) were appointed as Selenity’s address verification and geocoding provider and was integrated into Selenity Expenses making them the first expenses solution to offer postcode to postcode journey validation.

Remaining a loyal customer during the rebrand to Loqate in the summer of 2018, the relationship has only improved. “When you were bought out by GBG, there was a natural worry that we would be forgotten moving from a small business to a global PLC, however our account manager is very attentive and it’s even more of pleasure to work with the Loqate team”.

Helping business intelligence teams

67% of the NHS workforce use Selenity Expenses, so for an operation as complex as the NHS, the service must be second to none. Paper expenses often mean the cost to the business can be inflated, either through errors in entry or in some cases deliberately. Loqate’s technology is fundamental to the expense management business; it ensures mileage spend is accurate and auditable for finance teams. “The pin point accuracy of the distances and directions API from Loqate, coupled with the many home to office deductions in expenses, has reduced mileage cost to our clients by around 18%. Not only that, with Loqate integrated, we are able to give our customers deeper insight and full visibility via the reporting suite within Selenity Expenses”

Livewell Southwest, one of Selenity’s NHS customers shared their success story with us “following the successful implementation, the Business Intelligence (BI) team was able to immediately begin identifying areas of highest usage and put in place changes to help improve processes. We identified that in some areas it would be more cost effective to provide pool cars for staff, saving the organisation tens of thousands of pounds every year.”

Over the past ten years over 2billion miles (that’s almost as far as travelling to Neptune) have been processed, and Loqate have been key to ensuring all of those miles were accurate and compliant.

– Anthony Sherwin, Client Services Director, Selenity

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