Shoplazza streamlines cross-border eCommerce for global merchants with Loqate’s accurate premise-level location data

Shoplazza powers more than 360,000 online stores with its all-in-one eCommerce platform for anyone to build,manage, and scale their online stores. The platform is powered by advanced technology, and is reliable, scalable, and adaptable to ensure a headless commerce experience for global merchants.


  • Increase the speed of address entry during their online checkout process 
  • Support expansion into the North American and European markets
  • Decrease delivery issues and enhance the customer experience
Results achieved with Loqate
  • Accelerated address data input by 60% with Loqate’s single line type-ahead search
  • Increased the number of successful deliveries by 4% per store per month
The Challenges

Shoplazza is an eCommerce platform designed to keep eCommerce easy and innovative for businesses of all sizes and shapes who share their values on progression, efficiency, success and expansion. With 150+ worldwide market coverage, their global tool empowers merchants to create their online presence, sell, promote, and run their dream businesses online. However, successfully delivering across borders requires a thorough understanding of the market and local addressing systems.

For Shoplazza’s global merchants hoping to expand their presence into North America and Europe, the complexities of global addressing proved a challenge. Shoplazza recognized that one of the most significant pain points for online shoppers is entering their address during checkout. “The most important part of our business is that we give the buyers a very great shopping experience,” says Bing, Chief Technology Officer at Shoplazza.

If the address is entered incorrectly, it can cause delivery delays or even result in a lost package. Shoplazza wanted to ensure that their customers had a seamless checkout experience and that their address data was accurate and up to date. To address this challenge, Shoplazza turned to Loqate, a leader in address verification technology.


Address input during checkout is very time-consuming for our customers, so we need some functionalities to help people type and find an address faster and more accurately. That’s why we have partnered with Loqate.
Bing, Chief Technology Officer at Shoplazza


The Solution

Shoplazza employed Loqate’s premise-level data for North America and Europe to power the enormous growth opportunity of cross-border trade and support their mission to continue expanding their presence in North America and Europe.

Through a single global API, combining millions of data points from 249 countries and territories, Loqate enables Shoplazza to capture, verify and enrich customer data. “Loqate’s type-ahead autocomplete makes it much easier for people to input their address, especially if they enter the zip code first,” says Bing. “In some countries, entering that code will prefill the entire address for that customer. This is exactly the kind of feature we want to give our buyers.”

Loqate assists at every point in the data lifecycle journey, from improved UX and increased conversion rates to downstream benefits, including improved data quality and fraud detection. By integrating Loqate’s address verification solution into their checkout process, Shoplazza was able to improve the accuracy of their customers’ address data, resulting in increased checkout efficiency, fewer delivery issues and a better overall customer experience.


Loqate has delivered a very cost-effective solution to our address data quality challenge. We have saved more than 50% of what we have invested into this feature


The Results

Bringing Loqate’s most curated location data to Shoplazza’s ecosystem of retailers and brands has helped them reach even more customers across the globe. “As a leading eCommerce SaaS platform, we are always committed to making online selling quicker and easier than ever before so that any business, no matter how big or small, can build, manage and scale their online store,” says Bing.

Since implementing Loqate’s address verification solution, Shoplazza has seen a significant improvement in their checkout process. With the ability to validate address data in real-time, customers can now confidently enter their addresses, knowing they will be accurate and verified. This has led to a reduction in delivery issues, which has helped Shoplazza build trust with their customers and improve their cross-border eCommerce performance.

Currently, we’re using Address Capture and Address Verify,” says Bing. “In the future, there will be more uses for Loqate, especially in the fraud detection and email validation fields.”


This partnership with Loqate is the latest addition to our industry-leading partner ecosystem that enables us to deliver the best experience for our customers and help merchants and brand owners become more successful.
Bing, Chief Technology Officer at Shoplazza


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