Smart Pension uses address verification from Loqate to ensure the integrity of data

Smart Pension is an online auto enrollment firm built specifically to help thousands of small British businesses sign up their employees to a workplace pension scheme, as required by law. The company selected Loqate’s address verification solution to help improve employee efficiency whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.

The importance real-time address verification for a highly sensitive business like ours is three-fold. First, removing sign up friction is vital to ensuring we have the fastest possible customer journey, given the very large number of signups (over 1million) potentially coming in the next couple of years.

Loqate has allowed us to ensure our address data is imported quickly while also being more accurate than older Companies House data.

Secondly, it also protects our business by detecting and deterring any possible money laundering activity by helping us validate both company director address and company director identity.

Finally, employees in Smart Pension workplace pensions are able to update their own address information on a self-service basis quickly and easily, without wasting their employer's time (or their own). The API is simple and easy to install. All in all, we're chuffed.

– Will Wynne, Managing Director, Smart Pension

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