Werkzeugstore24 improves logistics workflows and increases business efficiency with Loqate's address validation solution.

Starting out as an eBay shop in the early 2000’s Zahrt Handels-GmbH, better known as Werkzeugstore24, is now one of the best-known online DIY stores in Germany. Selling what you would expect from a DIY store, such as screws and nails, this leading retailer also stocks all-purpose vacuum cleaners to hedge trimmers and laser measuring devices.

The company, which has grown organically over the years, supplies both domestic and corporate customers and serves a predominantly brand-related clientele with little need for information, who wish to make a quick purchase. However, in the past, these quick online purchases have led to errors in delivery data such as parts of the address being forgotten or incorrectly abbreviated.

"Colleagues in the warehouse and logistics departments constantly had to struggle with incomplete address details and regularly complained that this was leading to teams working inefficiently. Address labels had to be cancelled and manually reworked, which cost time and, above all, led to unnecessary stress, overtime and employee frustration on busy shipping days such as Mondays."

Mainly due to the high proportion of orders for mobile devices, the number of errors in address entry was no longer manageable. Therefore, Werkzeugstore24 needed to find an address verification tool which could handle errors from users and at the same time allow them to enter delivery data in the online checkout without prolonging the purchasing process.

"Since we have been using address verification from Loqate, there are significantly fewer complaints from our warehouse team and our daily parcel volumes can be handled without additional resources. We ship an average of in the four-figure range orders per day, which may sound like very little at first, but when you consider the weight of the goods, the machinery and processes required this figure is actually quite high and can be seen in a completely different light.

We are very happy that we can ship our goods without delay, that our staff work efficiently and that we can offer our customers a fast checkout experience thanks to Loqate's address look-up tool with its innovative auto-complete feature."

 Benjamin Bick - Head of Strategy & Marketing at Werkzeugstore24