Simply the best: how Women’s Best reduced delivery issues by 50%

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Loqate's type-ahead addressing technology is highly intuitive and predictive which makes it ideal for customers on the move using mobile phones.

As well as selling its high-quality sportswear online, the brand’s nutrition products are available in over 11,056 stores worldwide including The Vitamin Shoppe, Boots and Holland & Barrett.

Customer satisfaction is the brand’s top priority and it strives to provide a flawless buying experience through customer support via iMessage or WhatsApp, fast international shipping using the best carriers, and a user-friendly website.

The Challenge

The brand is headquartered in Austria but it ships worldwide, so getting the right customer address data is vital. However, with so many variations in address formatting and data decay to contend with, accurately locating and verifying a global customer’s address can be tricky.

Being a key market for the brand, Women’s Best needed a solution that could capture and verify UK addresses quickly and accurately – something its existing provider wasn’t able to offer.

Not only would this be crucial to reduce the risk of failed or late deliveries, it would significantly improve user experience for UK customers at the online checkout stage.

With type-ahead predictive technology, Loqate’s address capture is the easiest and fastest way for customers to enter their location.

The Solution

After researching the market and comparing different solutions, Women’s Best decided to implement Loqate’s address capture tool.

With type-ahead predictive technology, Loqate’s address capture is the easiest and fastest way for customers to enter their location.

By providing a quicker method for customers to populate their address details, user experience is improved and cart abandonment rates are reduced.

In addition, getting accurate address data at the point of entry reduces costs by avoiding poor quality data and the cost of missed or late deliveries.

Loqate’s capture tool works seamlessly with our own checkout process and the API took just days to integrate. The interface is flexible and quick, great support and documentation is provided and the customer service is second to none./blockquote>

The results

Implementing Loqate’s address capture software means Women’s Best has been able to greatly improve user experience and respond better to customer behaviour.

As a result, its customer support team receives fewer queries with requests for address changes, and delivery issues due to incorrect addresses in the UK have been reduced by over 50%.