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Accurately identify Irish addresses

Capturing the right address is key to efficient deliveries, customer communications, logistics and planning. Ensure accurate Irish postcode details at the point of entry with address validation.

Integrate quickly and easily

Forget massive implementation projects; with our helpful code samples and integrations for major ecommerce and CRM platforms, most customers can integrate our service within minutes.

Improve the user experience

If Irish customers can't find their address using your lookup tool, they'll likely abandon. Loqate's address verification gives a better UX, enabling quick and accurate form completion and improving conversion

Eircodes for Irish address lookup

Over a third of all Irish properties are Non-Unique Addresses, making it more difficult for mail to reach its intended recipient. However, the introduction of Eircodes in 2015 made reaching Irish customers easier by issuing each home with a unique code.

The Eircode postcode finder contains accurate Irish address data, allowing you to communicate more effectively with customers across the Republic of Ireland.

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Two levels of data

As well as the Eircode Address File (ECAF), which contains the Eircode and USP postal address, Loqate can also provide access to the Eircode Address Database (ECAD) with additional data including alias address information and geo-coordinates.

How much will Eircode data cost?

Eircodes are one of our premium data sets, not included in our standard pricing. Please contact us for more information on setup and licensing prices for Eircode data.

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