Multiple Residence Address Data

Validate more addresses with the Multiple Residence File. Almost a quarter of all UK housing is now made up of flats, and with 2,000 new address records added each month, Multiple Residence data is vital for any business with customers in densely populated areas. 

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Get accurate, standardised postal & location data for multiple residences with Datasets from Loqate.

The Multiple Residence dataset from Royal Mail contains nearly 900,000 additional address records not recorded in PAF®. Without this, you could be missing out on accurate address data for thousands of premises where multiple households share a letter box, such as university halls of residence, apartment blocks and self-contained flats. 

By using Royal Mail’s Multiple Residence Data in your address validation tool, you will be able to capture and verify any premise where multiple households share a letter box, ensuring more accurate deliveries first time.

Improve your customer experience
Improve your customer experience

Make the customer experience as easy as possible for your online customers

Reduce the chance of mail landing in the wrong hands or getting lost
Reduce the chance of mail landing in the wrong hands or getting lost

Ensure parcels and communications are always sent to the intended recipient

Save time and money
Save time and money

Spend less time and money on handling complaints and resending mail

Benefits of Multi Residence data

Access to up to nearly 900,000 address records not recorded in PAF®

The Multiple Residency Data File works seamlessly alongside PAF®, ensuring your data is up to date, allowing you to reach nearly 900,000 customers in multiple residence properties.

UK coverage

Includes address data for properties across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Frequently updated

The Multiple Residence File is updated on a monthly basis to ensure your data is always fresh.

Easy to integrate

Multiple Residence works seamlessly with PAF® and is so easy to integrate into your existing systems.

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