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What is Not Yet Built address data?

Enhance your address data with the Not Yet Built database from Royal Mail. With around 500,000 new homes and offices not yet in the PAF database, it's perfect for retailers and service providers to reassure customers that their address can be found when construction is complete.

By using Royal Mail’s Not Yet Built data in your address validation tool, you can ensure products and services can be in place before an occupant has moved in so that they are ready to use - perfect for utilities companies and retailers delivering goods.  

Why do I need Not Yet Built data?

Thousands of construction projects are underway at any one point in the UK, and each year, 100,000 new properties are built across England, Scotland and Wales.

Many businesses miss out on millions of pounds worth of orders and experience failed communications due to a lack of accurate address data, but the Not Yet Built data set holds more than half a million address records, ensuring you have the address data you need to communicate effectively with your customers.

Improve UX

Allow for faster, more accurate address data capture, including brand new addresses. Reduce abandoned baskets caused by frustration and ensure dead-ending is a thing of the past.

Process orders efficiently

Receive details of properties in the planning and construction stage so you can arrange for services to be connected before your customers move into a new property.

Manage databases

Ensure your database is clean and accurate, and your address data is standardised and up to date - regardless of how new an address is.

Identify new customers

Get a better understanding of an area and organise targeted campaigns for customers in need of products or services.

Never miss out on new data



Working alongside PAF®, Not Yet Built provides details of properties that are at the planning and construction stage.

Royal Mail assigns over 26 thousand new postcodes every year to over one hundred thousand new residential properties. All new properties are assigned a Royal Mail post code, and when a property is confirmed as able to receive mail it is then added to the Not Yet Built file, ensuring businesses can arrange for products and services to be in place by the time new owners move in.

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