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What is the Utilities Register?

The Utilities Register contains gas and electricity meter numbers for properties across the UK. These meter numbers are sourced from the national gas and electricity registration databases and matched to PAF®. The Utilities Register is used for the rapid capture of accurate gas and electricity supply-point details for supplier-switching registrations, significantly enhancing the customer journey and reducing the risks of erroneous switches.

  • Utilities Register contains the gas and electricity meter numbers for UK addresses
  • Data sourced from ECOES and DES extracts and matched to PAF to enhance address quality
  • Utilities Premium is matched against OS AddressBase Premium providing extra granularity
  • Strict regulations confine usage of the Utilities Register to energy suppliers and distributors, or to third parties authorised by and acting on behalf of an energy supplier
  • Utilities Register is available through Loqate web services
  • Data is updated monthly

Improve customer experience

Utilities Register accelerates the registration process and allows you to rapidly source supply point details for accurate tariff estimation.

Increase revenues

Capture accurate address details in the correct format, making your database easier to manage.

Reduce costs

Minimise time and money wasted on erroneous energy switches.

Capture data anywhere

Collect details remotely and effectively transfer information to databases. Perfect for consumer registrations as part of the supplier switching journey.

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