Address verification buyer's guide

With multiple global postal address formats and alignment variations, a variety of languages and character scripts, continuously changing countries and territories, international address data is a complex beast. This is why we've partnered with address data expert Graham Rhind to bring you this buyer's guide to help ease the task of choosing an address verification service provider.


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Buyer's guide to address verification

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  • How the impact of trends, channels and devices can impact your address data quality
  • Why international address verification is vital to expanding internationally
  • The importance of understanding different validation points
  • What is the right address verification tool for the job

Questions to ask

Capturing accurate addresses is fundamental to any online business. Today there’s such a wide range of tools available, it’s almost impossible to know where to begin. To help narrow it down, in this guide we’ve put a list together of the top questions you should be asking before selecting a new address data quality provider.

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