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Increase email deliverability

When you verify email addresses using Loqate's email validation tool you'll improve data quality, resulting in successful email marketing campaigns. 

Maintain email reputation

Your sender reputation is vital when it comes to email marketing. Loqate's email validation service reduces hard bounces and prevents emails from being blocked.

Reduce bogus registrations

Onboarding new customers? Loqate email verification offers an elegant alternative to CAPTCHA for preventing bogus registrations in your online forms.

Try our email validation service yourself

Simply enter an email address - make a deliberate error - and click "validate".

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Enter up to 5 email addresses, per IP address per day, to see real-time email validation from Loqate in action.

What are the benefits of email validation from Loqate?

Use in-house or online 

By integrating Loqate's email validation tool into your website forms or business applications, data quality across all touch-points is improved.

Batch cleansing of email addresses

Invalid or mistyped email addresses are detected and removed from your database.

Signup forms for on-boarding new customers

Email validation from Loqate detects invalid or mistyped email addresses as they are typed, meaning your signup forms can be simplified and website usability is improved.

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By validating the email address, we've reduced wasted resources and our delivery rates are better

Lisa Kohl, Controlling & Business Intelligence Manager - MeineSpielzeugkiste.de – Circus Internet GmbH

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