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The forecast for the total European gaming market’s online share in 2026 - a substantial increase compared to 14.3% in 2020

€30.5 billion

The total revenue of the European online gaming industry in 2020. This is expected to increase year-on-year, reaching €52 billion by 2026.


Sports and other forms of betting are Europe’s most popular online gaming products, worth €14.64bn and accounting for 40% of Europe’s online gaming revenue in 2021.

How Loqate can help

Get straight to gameplay

Optimize the sign-up journey for your customers by speeding up the onboarding process. Gamers can earn and spend money faster than ever when you collect accurate customer data in real-time using verification features like our fuzzy matching and single line type-ahead address search.

Don’t gamble with safety

The more information you can confirm about a customer, the better. Minimize the risk of fraud by accurately matching valid addresses, emails and phone numbers to new or existing customer profiles using our range of data validation tools. 

Stick to those industry regulations

Our address, email and phone validation tools make sure you only capture valid player data. Benefit from a clean database that meets all the regulatory requirements for data quality - including AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer). 

Create a Single Customer View

Keep your data fresh, clean and maintained regularly to make the most of your marketing campaigns. This will also help you to reduce bonus abuse by eliminating sends to dormant or fraudulent email addresses. 

"Working with Loqate has helped Rank Group reduce marketing expenditure by £500,000 per year."

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Find out how working with Loqate has helped Rank Group reduce marketing expenditure by £500,000 per year, whilst improving their digital customer experience.

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