Address Autocomplete

Address autocomplete is a feature that automatically suggests street addresses as a user types.

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It's commonly implemented in online forms and checkout processes, offering several benefits for both businesses and users, which we've listed below:

Benefits of address autocomplete for businesses

  • Reduces data entry errors: By suggesting correct addresses, it minimizes typos and incomplete information, improving data accuracy.
  • Improves checkout speed: Faster address entry leads to quicker purchases and potentially higher conversion rates.
  • Enhances user experience: Autocomplete offers a convenient and user-friendly way to enter addresses, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces abandoned carts: Streamlined checkout with autocomplete can decrease the likelihood of users abandoning their shopping carts due to tedious address entry.

Benefits of address autocomplete for users:

  • Saves time and effort: Users don't need to type the entire address, speeding up the process.
  • Increases accuracy: Autocomplete suggestions help avoid typos and incorrect information.
  • Offers convenience: Finding their address from suggestions is faster and easier than manually entering it.
  • Improves accessibility: Users with disabilities or using mobile devices may find autocomplete particularly helpful.

How does address autocomplete work?

Address autocomplete typically involves the following steps:

  1. The user starts typing their address: As the user enters characters, the autocomplete system activates.
  2. System matches the address against its database: The system searches a database of addresses based on the typed characters. This database can be local, regional, or national, depending on the implementation.
  3. The system generates suggestions: The system generates a list of matching addresses, typically starting with the most likely options based on factors like popularity, location, and previous user entries.
  4. User selects from suggestions: The user can choose the correct address from the list, typically by clicking on it. Alternatively, they can continue typing for more specific results.


Additional features of address autocomplete:

Address autocomplete can be enhanced by:

    • Geolocation: Using the user's location to prioritize relevant suggestions.
    • Previous address history: Suggesting addresses used by the user before:
    • Real-time address verification: Checking the validity of the selected address as the user types.

Loqate is proud to offer all of these features as part of our own real-time address autocomplete solution, Capture.

Overall, address autocomplete is a valuable tool for both businesses and users, streamlining the address entry process, improving data accuracy, and enhancing the user experience. Discover more about how Loqate can do all this and more for you at the push of a button with Capture, or book a demo with one of our expert team members to get started. 

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