Address Lookup

Address lookup, also known as address search or address verification, refers to the process of searching for and retrieving information about a specific address. This information can range from simply confirming the address exists to obtaining detailed data like latitude and longitude coordinates.

Here's a breakdown of the key aspects of address lookup:

What does an address lookup involve?

  • Search criteria: Entering an address or partial address information (e.g., street name, city, postal code) into a search engine or service. 
  • Comparison and matching: Once the information is inputted, the engine will typically compares the criteria against a database of verified addresses, which could be sourced from national postal services, commercial providers, or internal databases.
  • Results: Depending on the service and search criteria, results can include:
    • Confirmation the address exists: This confirms if it's valid and deliverable.
    • Standardised address format: Consistent formatting according to official guidelines for a locality.
    • Additional information: Details like apartment numbers, postal codes, location coordinates, type of building (residential/commercial), etc. This may also include subpremise level data.
    • Delivery options: Available shipping methods or courier services.

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Why is address lookup important?

Here are some of the key reasons incorporating address lookup into your customer data process is important:

  • Minimises errors: Lookup and validation processes weed out typos, incomplete information, and invalid addresses.
  • Improves efficiency: Automated lookup saves time and resources by ensuring no communication effort is wasted, sent to inaccurate addresses. 
  • Ensures accurate deliveries: Reduces missed or returned packages and mail, which come with steep costs.
  • Enhances data quality: Maintains clean and standardized address data.
  • Boosts customer satisfaction: Prevents delivery failures and improves communication, which in turn leads to a better customer experience, and higher chance of repeat buyers. 
  • Prevents fraud: Identifies fake or invalid addresses used for fraudulent purposes.

What are the types of address lookup?

  • Basic validation: Checks if the address exists and is formatted correctly.
  • Enhanced verification: Provides additional information like delivery options or building type.
  • Geocoding: Converts an address into latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Reverse geocoding: Uses coordinates to retrieve the corresponding address. Learn more: What is reverse geocoding?

How to choose the right address lookup provider

  • Data source accuracy: Choose a reliable database with consistently updated information.
  • Privacy and security: Ensure the service complies with data privacy regulations.
  • International compatibility: Supports different address formats and languages if needed.
  • Cost and scalability: Select a service that fits your budget and usage volume.

By understanding the definition, importance, and various types of address lookup, you can choose the right solutions to optimize their address verification processes, improve data accuracy, and ensure successful deliveries. The good news? Loqate's solution offers all of these and more! At the push of a button, you can automate address lookup using our easy-to-install solution. Get started today by booking a demo with our specialist team, or take a closer look at the manifold benefits of Verify

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