Address validation for Salesforce 

Is incorrect data in Salesforce® impacting your business? Improve the accuracy and quality of your customer data with Loqate. Access the full potential of Loqate’s advanced software for address capture, email and phone validation with our pre-built integration for Salesforce Lightening. No coding required! 


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The Salesforce plug-in works with these solutions: 

Get started in minutes

Get started integrating SAP in minutes
1. Create a Loqate account

Sign up for our 14-day free trial. No credit card required, you get 700 free credits to test with, and full support and documentation.

2. Download the Salesforce plug-in

Our Salesforce plug-in only takes a couple of minutes to set up. Download the plug-in from the Salesforce App Exchange and then follow the step-by-step installation guide.

3. Install address, email, and phone validation

Read our setup guide which will guide you through the installation process to activate address capture, email and phone validation in Salesforce.

What are the key benefits? 

Loqate does the heavy lifting for you:

Improve data accuracy  

Avoid the nightmare scenario of a database full of inaccuracies by ensuring only accurate and standardised addresses enter your database.

Reduce delivery errors and costs 

Stopping wrong addresses from entering your database saves you from delivery issues. The actual cost occurs when the delivery fails, causing redelivery costs, customer service team interaction, damaged brand reputation, and future loss of sales.

Increase marketing efficiency

Validating addresses, email and phone numbers helps you get more out of each marketing and customer communication you send out. Resulting in improved and successful marketing campaigns. 

Why choose Loqate to validate customer data in Salesforce? 

Global leaders in Address Verification
Global leaders in Address Verification

Loqate creates the industry standard by pioneering data curation methods and AI technological innovations that power the unique capabilities behind our data products and services. Loqate gives businesses the distinctive capability to obtain and maintain the most accurate premise-level address data in the world. 

Real-time address search
Real-time address search

One single box to reach any address in the world in as few as 3 keystrokes. Suggestions to auto-complete the address are immediately provided as soon as the user begins typing.

Instantly international
Instantly international

A single, easy to integrate solution for searching and verifying addresses for 249 countries and territoriesBy cross-referencing, combining and cleansing the data from multiple trusted sources, we provide the world’s most accurate premise-level address data. 

Frequently asked questions

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Is the plug-in for free?

Yes, the download is for free, but you will select a credit pack that best suit your needs.

Can I test the plug-in?

Yes, if you are a new Loqate customer, just get started by signing up for an account and you will get test credits to trial the solution.

Will the plug-in always be up to date?

The data in our products will always be up to date. We endeavour to maintain our plug-in to be as up-to date as possible to reduce the need for you to re-work your integration, but this is determined by Microsoft releases.

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