Loqate, a GBG solution

Why choose Loqate?

A great CRM starts with great data. Loqate helps ensure accurate and complete address entry as you type in real-time on Zoho CRM. Our extension standardizes all global addresses upon entry in the CRM, even if you make a typo. 

Data quality

Data accuracy

Avoid the nightmare scenario of a database full of inaccuracies. By using type-ahead address capture in your CRM you not only speed up the process, you also ensure only accurate and standardized addresses enter your database. Data quality guaranteed! 

Uniform data

Uniform data

Your CRM platform is only as good as the data in the system. Data quality might not be top of the list on your employees' agenda and everyone might enter an address slightly differently. Address auto-complete makes sure only uniform data enters your system which creates more efficient processes further down the line.

Easy to integrate

Our Zoho CRM extension only takes a couple of minutes to set up. Additionally, once installed, you can map to custom address fields in each of your modules. Visit the extension page on Zoho Marketplace and then follow the quick setup guide video.

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Don't forget, you'll need a Loqate account to set this up.