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Build a custom Store Finder unique to you

Flexible APIs that enable you to build and customise a Store Finder to your exact requirements. The easiest way for your customers to find and know more about your locations. Enhance the online-to-offline experience and boost your online and in-store revenue

Enhance your business with superior location precision with Loqate’s global Store Finder

Global coverage: Roof-top level geocodes in 130 countries, providing you and your customers with international pinpoint accuracy.

Combine mapping, distances, and geocoding with your business systems and offer customers an enriched online journey while boosting sales across all channels

Consolidate your location services with Loqate and move past the need for multiple vendors 

Simplified pricing: We charge per request, offering consistent and predictable costs. Every request is a single charge, no surprises. Fixed term licenses for enterprise customers.

Manage location lists easily
Manage location lists easily

Multiple ways to effortlessly update location lists.

Store unlimited location lists & easily sort them based on parameters like country, region, or store type.

No geocodes? We'll auto-append them for you. 

Global Geocodes
Global Geocodes

Global Geocodes covering 130 countries.

Roof top level geocoding in 60 countries.

Includes city positions for 245 countries.


83% of road coverage across the world. 

Choose your preference, measure by distance or travel time and effortlessly calculate distances over country borders.

Our Store Finder precisely pinpoints your locations using the provided latitude and longitude, offering configurable distance limits for increased accuracy. 


Use our mapping tile server for visual store results.

Zoom in on store locations.

No extra points of interest like Google. Only displays your store locations, not competitors. 

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