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How Loqate and Data8 differ

While both Data8 and Loqate offer an address lookup tool, Loqate provides a faster, easier way to capture and verify addresses in your online forms and checkouts.


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Real-time address search

As soon as a business name, street or postcode is typed, suggestions to auto-complete the address are immediately provided. Faster than other solutions on the market, our platform enables customers to find any address in as little as three keystrokes and as quickly as 150 milliseconds.

Instantly international

A single, simple-to-use solution for searching and verifying addresses from 250 countries and territories. No separate licensing or contracts required. Easily toggle to suit your business needs.

AFD only offers an international solution for their postcode lookup, not type-ahead address lookup. But as not all countries operate with a postcode system, that might not be the best solution for you.

Language is no barrier

Ideal for businesses operating in multiple territories, we offer full Unicode support to allow your customers to use their own native language and character set to search for and enter their address.

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Instantly international
Instantly international

With address verification across 250 countries and territories, 6,500 languages and 8 global character sets, you only need one checkout form for customers, wherever they are in the world. 

Data that’s best in class
Data that’s best in class

We’re the only location data specialist to curate our data, meaning we combine global data sets with local expertise and market leading technology to give the most comprehensive selection of data available. 

Easy as 1, 2, 3
Easy as 1, 2, 3

Our single-line type ahead search uses location biasing to return the address closest to the customer based on their physical location, within just three keystrokes.

Your needs, your rules
Your needs, your rules

Customise fields and results or ringfence geographical areas to capture only the information that serves you best, reducing the risk of operational problems further down the line.

A platform that won’t let you down
A platform that won’t let you down

We’re constantly improving our tech, and our reliable platform means you don’t need to worry about scalability, security or outages, even during peak times.

Auto-corrects mistakes
Auto-corrects mistakes

Unique ‘fuzzy matching’ technology automatically amends customer mistakes like typos, missing letters or spelling errors, so even if the entry isn’t perfect, the results will be.

Best-in-class data quality

Our clear, precise location data gives you the confidence to make the right decisions and the power to get ahead of the competition.  

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With Loqate, you’ll know where, better.

Data that’s clean, curated and correct

We put care into the selection, verification and enrichment of location data, combining machine learning with human expertise to curate our data so only the finest makes the cut.

Pinpoint precision, every time

Our data zooms into exact addresses and locations that other platforms can’t reach, removing the guesswork with the most detailed and accurate premise-level location data available.

Always evolving

From investing in new technology to enhancing the quality of our data, we’re always moving forward, finding ways to operate that are better, scalable and efficient.

Plug-and-play or tailor-made

Get the whole family of Loqate solutions or just pick the ones you need. With plug-and-play you can get going straight away, while tailoring your own suite is as easy as picking from a menu.

Solutions that work anywhere

Our APIs are designed to work with any system, wherever you are in the world. And with clear developer resources and channels for feedback and input, we’re with you every step of the way.

On our way to everywhere

We offer premise-level location data across 250 countries and territories in 6,500 languages – and are continually investing in new regions to bring accurate data to the world. 

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