Loqate, a GBG solution

Certified processing

CASS, AMAS and SERP certified data processing for postal authority-approved address verification.  Perfect if your business has a presence in the U.S, Canada and Australia.

Discounts & savings

Qualify for postal discounts on mailing and list services, reducing the cost of your mailing initiatives.

Accurate Postcode Lookup and Certification 

When it comes to delivery, accuracy is paramount. Poor data and unverified addresses or postcodes can have widespread implications for you and your customers. Our postal certification helps deliver a postcode lookup API for customers needing accurate and reliable data in real-time. Our CASS, AMAS and SERP certified data processing allows for postal authority-approved address verification that you can trust.

Certification & Postcode Lookup in USA

CASS helps interpret and correct addresses a user enters with real-world, accurate data that matches verified locations. This helps standardise addresses and reduce error. Correct addresses can save vast sums of money and time, critical for businesses looking to improve efficiencies.
Businesses using CASS can often quality for discounted rates due to the efficiency and reliability of the data entered, saving businesses money.

Certification & Postcode Lookup in Australia

AMAS, Address Matching Approval System, is used in Australia for address certification. AMAS checks, corrects and updates address and postcode data to improve accuracy and deliverability. 
AMAS helps deliver the most accurate and reliable postal data for Australia. For any businesses with a presence in Australia, this is a critical component of successful postal deliveries.

Certification & Postcode Lookup in Canada

SERP, software evaluation and recognition program, is Canada’s postal and address certification. This helps validate and correct addresses, improving delivery accuracy and efficiency.
SERP helps standardise data and the certification means delivery data is accurate and error free. 

Accurate data

Measures the accuracy of address data directly against the postal authority's postal data.

Richer data

Enhances addresses with unique data fields provided by the postal authority.

Discounted rates

Qualify for postal discounts on mailing services and list.

Simply plugin API

Simply plug into our API and start enjoying the benefits of verified, approved and certified addresses and postcodes.

Decrease delivery errors and leverage the power of certified address data. Lookup any postcode and feel confident in its real-time accuracy. Postcode lookup in any country can be trusted to enhance business operations and customer satisfaction. Provide a seamless experience from checkout to delivery with our postcode lookup and certified data. 

Postal Certification

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