Loqate, a GBG solution

Improve delivery rates

Better match to geocodes, remove duplicates and plan routes efficiently. Also, improve delivery to rural areas, vanity and business addresses.

Identify fraud

Pinpoint households that abuse promotional schemes such as bonus abuse in gaming or discount codes for online retail.  

Data consolidation and merging

Fix your existing customer data and merge with new data sets by appending UDPRNs and create an accurate view of your customer base.

Optimise marketing communications  

Improve the ROI of your marketing communications by reducing duplicate mailings and generate more accurate insights from your data.  

Enhanced data migration

Support migration projects even with multiple legacy systems without significant disruption or cost.

Increase reporting accuracy  

Improve reporting accuracy through identification of duplicate customers in your database as well as improved household analytics such as spending per household and household RFV.  

What is a UDPRN?  

UDPRNs (Unique Delivery Point Reference Numbers) are eight-digit unique numerical codes for delivery points on the Postcode Address File (PAF) that identify specific premises. UDPRNs are assigned to premises until it is deleted or destroyed - at this point, the UDPRN is deleted from the PAF, ensuring that each code in the data set is unique. UDPRNs maintain long-term address records and consistent data across multiple data sets.

UDPRN data will save precious time, money, and resources as it helps to align your data and ensure that your deliveries are always on schedule, and your customers are nothing short of delighted with the service they receive.

How does the process work?

In this example data set below, a customer’s address is held three times in differing formats ( this could be on one system or across multiple), and therefore, the matching rules would need to have a degree of tolerance that would create mismatches.

The result is that this customer is not categorised correctly, and they miss out on communications or deliveries first time due to this mismatched data.

Loqate can standardise the data and add the UDPRN to create a more accurate customer view.

After adding the UDPRNs, the different address formats are recognised as the same address, meaning that the customer will receive message first time.

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Before UDPRN applied

Customer ID 

Address 1 

Address 2 





Order Value 

Segment Strategy 

flat 3 

laurel court 







flat 3 laurel court 

2 swarcliffe road 


n yorks 

HG1 4NW 

Online Order 



ft 3, 2 

swarcliffe road 


north yorks 


Shop captured 



After UDPRN applied









flat 3 laurel court 

2 swarcliffe road 




North Yorkshire 

HG1 4NW 



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