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The Holidays Unwrapped: Global Shopper Insights & Predictions with Digital Commerce 360

In this session we'll cover our research into expected consumer habits for the 2022 holiday season.

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We surveyed over 2,700 global shoppers to bring you consumer shopping predictions and what it means for the 2022 holiday season.

How have have top retailers responded to consumer demand while continuing to grow, and what does this mean for the new digital experience? We present the latest research and give data-driven tips on improving the customer journey.

In this on demand webinar, hear about unique data-driven insights and patterns in consumer purchasing behaviors observed over the last 6 weeks & how top global brands are adapting their e-commerce strategies.

In this webinar, we take a deep dive on how retailers are managing increased online demand while mitigating the risk for online fraud.

Join this session to hear unique insights and patterns in consumer purchasing behaviors and how to adapt your e-commerce strategy.

In this special edition webinar, Loqate join IMRG to discuss how the Coronavirus has impacted retail and share ideas for how retailers can safely support and continue their relationship with their customers through the global pandemic. 

With the rapid development of retail technology, global accessibility delivers on the consumer's desire for a quicker, easier and more convenient experience. Join our panel of retail experts on this on-demand webinar exploring the strategies and technology that is enabling the top 30 to deliver a great local experience.

Join this session to learn best practices for minimizing friction in your checkout process and improving your delivery success rate.
Learn how to implement small changes that can have a big impact on conversion rates; tips to optimize online checkout on any device; and steps to reduce failed delivery rates with clean, verified customer data.

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