How to set up Loqate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

This guide will help you install Loqate on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. It enables you to add international address lookup, email validation, and/or phone validation.

Before you start:

Set up a New Service

Log in to your Loqate account, add a new service, and select the Salesforce Commerce Cloud option under “Which platform do you use?”.

Enable the New Service

You will be taken through an interactive guide that will provide you with the details you need to enter in your site preferences section under ‘Loqate’.

Once you have followed all the steps in the interactive guide, click ‘Generate My Mappings’ to create the standard mappings for a Commerce Cloud site.

You should now be good to go. Head to your checkout page to try out the service. If the Loqate service does not appear you may need to alter your address field mappings.

Altering Address Field Mappings

If your site uses fields which differ from the standard Commerce Cloud checkout fields you may need to alter the fields your forms are mapped to by default.

In the dashboard page of the Loqate account section, find the installation you want to change the mappings for and select ‘Settings’, and then ‘Launch Setup’.

This will launch our in page editor, and allow you to alter your field mappings.

Once you are finished, click save and you will be returned to the Loqate account section.

Test the Service

To test the service, navigate to your Commerce Cloud checkout and start typing an address. Loqate will suggest options as you type. Select the address you were looking for, and ensure the Commerce Cloud checkout address fields are populated as expected.