Bloom & Wild double conversion rates with Address Validation from Loqate

Flower delivery company, Bloom & Wild was founded on the strong and yet simple belief that sending and receiving flowers should be a joy, every time. The company developed their bespoke presentation boxes to reflect the beauty of the flowers inside, while still protecting every petal. Bloom & Wild’s meticulously presented flower gifts ensure that both the recipients and the senders are completely delighted.

Loqate's type-ahead addressing technology is highly intuitive and predictive which makes it ideal for customers on the move using mobile phones.

Their intuitive website means that within a few clicks, an arrangement, designed by professional florists, can be successfully sent to and received by any address in the UK and even beyond. The company’s adoption of Loqate’s Address Validation is part of its commitment to ensure the optimum in customer experience.

No more supermarket dashes or disappointing deliveries as every detailed aspect of Bloom & Wild flower gift experience is simply beautiful, long lasting and truly memorable.

Not only is Bloom & Wild committed to the quality and aesthetic beauty of our flower gifts but we are equally committed to giving customers a seamless and friction free website experience. This is where we knew that Loqate’s Address Validation would help us. It came highly recommended to us by different business associates who gave us inspiring feedback as to its credibility as a tried and tested brand.

Capturing customers’ accurate address details to ensure a fail-safe delivery process was the most important challenge for us. With the mobile revolution it became even more critical for us to have an address validation tool. The way Loqate’s type-ahead technology works makes it perfect for people that are constantly on the move. It is highly intuitive and predictive which makes it ideal for customers using mobile phones or tablets.

We pride ourselves on the freshness of the flowers we deliver so it is so important that recipients receive them on time. Flowers are perishable so it’s not like delivering an inanimate gift that will not spoil. Using Loqate’s solution has eliminated failed deliveries at the receiver end and reduced keystrokes and improved the user experience for our customers.

Rescheduling a delivery is expensive and time consuming as it involves so many resources. This includes replacing the flowers, packaging and postage as well as admin time. As a company we are responsible for these costs even though the addressing error may not have been our fault.

From using Loqate’s software, we’ve definitely seen significant double-digit percentage increases in conversion rates.

Our customers have also benefited from a better and quicker user experience, and as their recipients’ address details are verified it gives them confidence that their flowers will arrive safely.

Loqate’s addressing solution is simple to integrate and it has aggregated the different components of our online process, making it seamless as well as resulting in better conversion rates and an improved user experience.

With the introduction of Eircodes recently, Loqate’s solution has been really valuable as we’ve expanded into the Republic of Ireland. Loqate’s Address Validation’s international capability means that it also gives us the scope to extend our operations further afield should we want to increase our geographical market presence.

Aron Gelbard, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bloom & Wild

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