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A guide to spring cleaning your data

Below you can find our top tips for giving your database a new lease of life and helping your business spring back into action.

Tip #1: Understand the impact of dirty data


Data quality is the foundation of any customer management strategy. Analytics, campaign management, customer experience and reporting are all underpinned by data quality and can have a significant impact on your organisation’s efficiency and reputation.

Without quality data, a large proportion of your campaigns won’t reach the intended recipients. In most cases, dirty data can result in lost opportunities, reduced sales and wasted marketing budgets.


Tip #2: Don’t let data decay ruin your day:


We all know that data is prone to decay. But did you know that each year, data degrades by up to 20%.

This means that if your database is just a few years old, a large proportion of your data is likely to be outdated and your budgets are being wasted. Keeping data regularly cleansed and maintained is a key priority for any business.

Find out how many contacts you could be missing out on with our Data Degradation Calculator.


Tip #3: Implement an always-fresh approach


Take the hassle out of data accuracy with an always-ready approach. Our data correction and suppression services provide an ongoing solution that allows you to run data regularly, even out of hours. This proactive approach ensures you're always able to access high-quality data, so you can act fast and confidently on any marketing campaign. With an always-ready strategy, you can start each week or month knowing your counts are correct and your data is clean and ready to be actioned.

Data Maintenance offers a range of payment methods to best fit your needs and budget including our new subscription model. Our subscription model allows you to spread your budget over 12 months and never worry about the cost increasing regardless of how many times you use our services or how many suppressions are flagged.


Tip #4: Uncover messy data with a free health check:


If you’re unsure how clean your data is, we always advise booking in a data HealthCheck. Our data HealthCheck is completely free of charge and involves comparing your customer and prospect records against our own data sources to reveal how accurate, complete and compliant your database is.

We provide you with a visualised data quality audit and a Unique Data Quality Index Score, giving you insight into how you measure up against other companies who hold similar data.

From there, you can then decide whether or not you’d like to have your data thoroughly cleansed.


Tip #5: Use the right cleaning solutions


In an ideal world, you would always have the correct data to be able to communicate with your customers effectively. But due to the rate of data degradation, this is often not the case. 

When it comes to cleansing and maintaining data, finding a specialist is key. Cleansing and maintaining data can be complex and, without the right software in place, laborious and costly. Our intelligent data cleansing services do the work so you don’t have to.

Using the highest quality and most comprehensive global data, we’re able to review your database and correct, suppress and enrich your data as you require.


Get started with Loqate’s free data HealthCheck

We all know how vital data is to our organisation - but is can also seem overwhelming when we consider the task in front of us. And this is where we can help you.

You select and send the data you would like us to analyse, we ensure this is safe, secure and compliant. We analyse the data, create a visual report, and talk you through the findings. Alternatively, we can send you the report directly.