Why Hush women's wear uses enhanced location data to win their customers’ hearts

Loqate recently partnered with Internet Retailing to bring you Exploring the value of enhanced location data, which addresses the importance of location intelligence for creating the optimum customer experience.  

A company that is extremely passionate about making sure their customers are receiving the best possible customer experience is womenswear retailer Hush, and for them, location data is extremely important.  

So, how exactly does enhanced location data help Hush? 

Well, the main reasons are that it helps reduce checkout friction and improve marketing, as well as offering improved delivery success.  

The retailer has seen mobile visits to their site continue to increase, which has prompted them to reduce checkout friction as much as possible. After all, fat fingers on small devices is often the cause of data entry errors. To do this, Hush uses real-time, type-ahead address lookup, which reduces the amount of keystrokes required of their customers, and ensures that the address data they capture is clean and accurate, leading to fewer failed deliveries, and happier customers.  

Not only this, but enhanced location data also offers Hush opportunities around marketing, and allows them to better target their customers, allowing them to stand out from their competitors. The retailer’s senior ecommerce manager Liam Hewitt says, “Enhanced location data helps businesses communicate more relevant and tailored messages, as well as give more insight into customer trends and behaviour and can help with personalisation, such as targeting by geographic area.” Exploring the value of enhanced location data.