How to Streamline Your Energy Supplier Switch: Loqate's Utilities Register

With the recently implemented changes in the energy sector, suppliers and consumers have faced significant impact. One large change that has been reshaping the industry is the UK Government's Faster Switching Programme, which was introduced back in 2022. The primary goal of this program is to empower energy consumers with the ability to switch their energy supplier swiftly and confidently. 

This regulatory shift has set the stage for a more dynamic energy market, where households have the freedom to choose their energy suppliers more than ever before. However, while the aim of the Faster Switching Programme is clear, the practicalities of achieving a smooth and efficient switching process have proven challenging for most.

In this blog you will learn what you need to know regarding the new regulatory changes and the hurdles faced by energy suppliers and consumers alike. We'll also introduce Loqate's Utilities Register and how it significantly improves the energy switching experience, ensuring a seamless transition for consumers while helping suppliers navigate the intricacies of regulatory compliance.

The Regulatory Shift: Faster Switching Programme

Back in 2022, the UK Government launched the Faster Switching Programme with a clear objective: to make switching energy suppliers a hassle-free process for consumers. The core premise - enable energy consumers to change their supplier quickly, confidently, and without complications.

To achieve this, the programme aimed to ensure that consumers could switch suppliers within a matter of days. The intent was to break down barriers and encourage healthy competition within the energy market. However, the reality has proven to be more complex.

Challenges in the Switching Process

While the Faster Switching Programme brought with it the promise of convenience and cost savings for consumers, it also introduced a series of challenges for energy suppliers. Some of the most common issues faced include:

1. Erroneous Transfers

Consumers often experience transfers that they did not initiate, leading to confusion, frustration and dissatisfaction.

2. Transfer Delays

Delays in the switching process can be frustrating for consumers who expect a swift transition to their new energy suppliers.

3. Failed Switches

In some cases, the supply is not transferred as expected, leaving consumers without the energy service they signed up for.

The Loqate Solution: Utilities Register

In the midst of complexities with energy switching and regulatory compliance, Loqate's Utilities Register changes the game for the better. This powerful tool simplifies and expedites the switching process, addressing the challenges faced by both consumers and energy suppliers.

Our Utilities Register offers a single API that seamlessly integrates with the RECCo’s Gas and Electricity Enquiry Services, providing the necessary data for a fast and smooth switch. By improving first-time switch success rates, Loqate enhances the customer experience, reduces costs and risks, and minimizes the need for manual intervention.

The Pressure to Switch

As the energy market continues to evolve, millions of UK households are looking to switch energy suppliers to reduce their cost of living. The Faster Switching Programme has added further urgency to improve the switching process. However, the inherent challenges in meter data and the complexities of application development make it a demanding task.

Why Choose Loqate's Utilities Register

Whether you are already accessing Gas and Electricity Enquiry Services (GES and EES) or seeking to acquire access, Loqate's user-friendly API ensures reliable data that you can trust. Our experience in translating raw data into accurate information, even in complex scenarios like Scottish tenements or missing UPRNs, sets us apart.

Supporting Your Customers During a Crisis

The current energy crisis is putting pressure on both customers and energy suppliers. Accurate address, email, phone, and meter data are crucial for staying in touch with customers, optimizing loyalty, and identifying and supporting vulnerable individuals.


In the face of regulatory changes and the evolving energy market, Loqate's Utilities Register offers a lifeline for energy suppliers seeking to simplify the switching process. By enhancing first-time success rates, reducing costs, and mitigating risks, Loqate empowers energy companies to navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance while delivering a seamless experience for consumers.

Choose Loqate's Utilities Register to streamline the switching process and stay ahead in the dynamic energy market. With Loqate, you can meet regulatory changes with confidence and ensure a brighter energy future for all.