Making the most of address autocomplete in Hubspot

In an increasingly competitive and crowded digital environment, user and customer experience are more crucial than ever – online forms need to be as frictionless and straightforward to complete as possible. Adding Loqate’s address, email, and phone validation into your HubSpot forms will help you enhance user experience, boost customer satisfaction, and ensure the capture of complete, clean, and accurate data in your CRM system. High quality data capture can help you deliver successful digital marketing campaigns – after all, this data can be used to tailor marketing communications and help define the target audience.

You can choose to add one or all three of Loqate’s validation tools to your HubSpot forms – read on to discover how each of the validation tools can deliver improvements in marketing, data quality, and customer experience.

Maximising Address Validation

In today’s business environment, customers expect processes to be seamless, quick, and convenient. When populating online forms customers frequently make errors – correcting and error-checking online forms can make the form process long and frustrating for users. Address Verification from Loqate reduces keystrokes by up to 78%, thanks to its range of address lookup features. Our real-time address search feature results in suggestions to autocomplete the address field as soon as a user starts typing a postcode or the name of a street or business, enabling them to reach any address in the world with a single box. Furthermore, Loqate’s type-ahead addressing technology understands common misspellings and returns searches even when parts of the address or postcode are missed out. As a result, the process of populating your HubSpot forms is quicker and more accurate, enhancing customer experience and reducing form abandonment.

Address autocomplete also maximises the quality of data captured in your CRM system at the point of entry, diminishing the need to clean the data once it’s in HubSpot. Data quality is pivotal to ensuring the right marketing messages are communicated to the right audience. Loqate’s address verification tool means you can reach beyond borders and enhance your digital marketing efforts – with clean data, marketing budgets can be used more efficiently.

Improving contact rates with phone number validation

Building a long, happy relationship with your customers begins with being able to contact them. The capture of wrong numbers in your HubSpot forms can not only prevent you reaching your customers, but also wastes valuable resources. Adding Loqate’s Phone Validation to online forms will enable you to capture the right phone, mobile, or landline numbers at the point of entry – only call or send SMS messages to valid numbers. With our phone validation service, you can check the length of the number, as well as identify the location of the number and the carrier. These capabilities make communications throughout the sales process faster and efficient – you can keep your customers informed throughout their journey, improving customer experience and satisfaction.

Successful email delivery with email validation

Email continues to be a reliable medium to communicate to and sell to new and existing customers – it is a vital component of modern-day marketing. Bogus registrations in your online forms and incorrect email address data can have consequences for your CRM system, impact the effectiveness of your email marketing, and result in negative outcomes for return on investment and brand reputation.

Integrating our email validation tool into your HubSpot forms improves email deliverability and performance, helping to deliver measurable benefits for your business. Beyond checking for an @ symbol and valid domain, Email Verification from Loqate detects whether the email mailbox is genuine and can receive mail – business and personal email addresses are checked and verified in real-time preventing bogus registrations in your online forms.

Loqate’s email verification tool enables you to validate email addresses upfront – data captured from your HubSpot forms will be complete and accurate. This helps reduce the CRM costs for unnecessary or bogus contacts and improves the performance of email marketing campaigns. High quality data will also help you maintain a positive sender reputation – it improves email deliverability, reduces hard bounces, and prevents your emails being blocked.

Easy integration with Hubspot

Our low-code setup means integrating Loqate into your HubSpot forms couldn’t be simpler – it requires minimal time and little-to-no coding expertise. In fact, you don’t need any technical knowledge to carry out this integration. To make things even easier we’ve created a step-by-step guide on setting up your integration.

Need the capability to reach customers in international markets? Loqate’s address verification tool will capture, verify, and format address data from your HubSpot forms for over 245 countries and territories. You can also control country settings and default languages, enabling you to customise our services to your audience – better yet, these settings can be modified at any time, which is ideal for businesses growing globally.

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