Loqate, a GBG solution

Features & Benefits


if you contact individuals who don't want to receive unsolicited communications from organisations, you could be liable to fines of up to £440,000.

Brand Reputation

If an individual doesn't want to hear from you and you contact them, you risk damaging your brand reputation.

Campaign ROI

Using your time and resource contacting individual's who have registered with a preference service can reduce response rates and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Data Maintenance includes three preference services to identify and remove people who do not want to be contacted. The use of some preference services is a legal requirement - others are regarded as best practice. Using the preference services to suppress your data will:

  • Improve response rates by targeting individuals who are more willing to respond
  • Protect your brand’s reputation
  • Will enable compliance with Data Protection Act 2018
  • Maximise your marketing budget by reducing waste

How Data Cleanse and Maintenance can help you

How does your data measure up?

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