Loqate, a GBG solution

Features & Benefits

Communication Effectiveness

If your communications can't be delivered to your customer, this can negatively affect the relationship you have with them.

Brand Reputation

If you don't fully understand the vicinity in which your customers live, you risk failed deliveries and reduced customer satisfaction. That's not what you want to be known for.

Customer Experience

Your onboarding process is too time-consuming and you're seeing drop-offs. You need to improve your customer experience and conversions.

The complete picture of a property

Discover key information such as the building’s age, height and property type, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and any associated risks. Our data can also reveal the estimated current value and last purchase price.

Insight about the surrounding location

Understanding more about the property’s area and whether it is a listed building in order will give you valuable insight into the current value and surrounding area burglary rates. Also available is information on congestion routes, nearest watercourse and the distance the property is from the road.

Skyrocket customer experience

Create personalised communications based on the location, house type and occupants, and optimise the experience you give your customer by gaining the intelligence you need to streamline form filling processes allowing you to deliver services and goods quickly and efficiently.

Improve project management

Loqate’s Property Intelligence data file will help you with improving risk assessment, project planning and enable you to streamline operations as well as reduce costs through understanding the complete picture and physicality of a property and its history.

How Data Cleanse and Maintenance can help you

How does your data measure up?

Take our free data health check and learn how accurate your customer data is. Decide after if you want to cleanse the data or not.