Loqate, a GBG solution

What this means for you

This ‘unlimited’ usage model, much like Netflix & Spotify, enables you to cleanse and verify your customer contact details as often as you like, to ensure revenue and retention activities can be maximised throughout the year.

Improved interoperability

Enhance your customer experience

Keep operational costs down

Comply with regulations

How does it work?

The process is simple, select the number of records you want to cleanse and maintain, which ranges from 25,000 to 12,500,00. Then choose one or all of the datasets on offer, and you are ready to get started with the subscription. You will also receive a monthly performance report keeping you updated on the checks that you have run and the improvements that we have made.

How does this differ from the traditional Data Maintenance model?

With the subscription model you have a lot more flexibility, and the process is faster and simpler. With the traditional model you can continue to avail of one-off batch cleanse and maintain processing of your contact database.

Do the bands include total records or unique records?

The bands are for the number of unique records that you will process during the license period so, for example, if you have a database of 49,950 records, you will select the 50,000 tier. You then can process these 49,950 records as frequently as you wish during the license period.

If you were to process the full file each day you would process a total of 18.231m records (49,950 x 365) but you would only be charged for the 49,950 records. You pay a single fixed price for unlimited processing based on the volume of customer records you have within your database (or those you need to maintain the accuracy of), and not the number of records we process, improve, update or flag.

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