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Correct poor data from Alternative Payments  

As we transition into the future of digital payments, leveraging alternative payment methods such as express checkouts and digital wallets are non-negotiable. But how are they affecting your data quality? 


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The alternative payments checkout challenge

Relying on consumers to update or ensure their address details in these digital wallets are accurate can lead to costly errors, rerouting, declines, and failed deliveries. Here’s how we can help: 

5 ways Loqate can solve your data quality challenges  

After the customer goes through the alternative payment checkout flow, Loqate verifies, corrects, and enriches their address data to make sure you’re receiving the most accurate and complete data before it enters your back-end systems.   

Verify, standardise, and append missing data

Once data from digital wallets enters your back-end platform, it can often lose the correct format, leading to confusion and inaccuracies. Loqate deciphers these formats, ensuring every address is standardised and correct. By appending incomplete or inaccurate records with data from our curated collection of global addresses, you receive one single golden customer record. 

Integrate seamlessly 

Our API is built to run on any application at scale to meet global needs. We will seamlessly integrate with your existing alternative payment providers, ensuring a smooth checkout process without disrupting your existing infrastructure.  

Unrivalled address match rates

When put to the test by a leading BNPL firm, Loqate provided on average, a 23% increase in verified addresses against our competitor. Our AI parsing and matching technology ensures the highest possible match rates and uplift precision in established and hard-to-address markets where input data is ambiguous or incomplete. 

Enable cross-border commerce

Go instantly international with an API that includes global address data for 250 countries and territories. We account for nuances, regardless of language, character set, or how the address is entered.

Better data, better deliveries

Ensure every delivery destination is accurate and complete, reducing the risk of failed deliveries & costly chargebacks. One customer saw a 50% reduction in delivery issues after implementing Loqate. 

Don't let data quality challenges hinder your retail success. Join the ranks of leading brands who trust Loqate to transform their operations and elevate their customer experience.

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