The rise of digital wallets

Digital wallets account for 49% of global ecommerce sales

58% of UK shoppers prefer one-click checkout options

> 5.2 billion globally

number of digital wallet users in 2026

3.4 billion

Increase in users from 2022


Growth in users from 2022-2026


Projection of ecommerce in global consumer spend by 2036


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Digital wallet payments can increase risk of bad data

Digital wallet payments bypass the need to enter their address data at the checkout or conversion stage.

You can’t catch and rectify data issues at the point of entry.

You could end up with invalid, incomplete or inaccurate address data.

Impact of bad data for businesses

Poor data quality costs organisations an average £10.2 million (Gartner)

The 1-10-100 rule:

Capture & verify address at point of entry = £1

Fix errors = £10

Inaction of bad data = £100


Data professionals’ time spent on checking data quality.


The impact of poor data quality on companies’ revenue.


The amount of postal addresses that change each year.


Loss of revenue for UK companies due to bad data.

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