Loqate, a GBG solution

Why choose Loqate for Shopware?

Loqate’s type-ahead verification software reduces keystrokes by up to 78%, allowing your customers to speed through the checkout. This leads to increased conversion rates, enhanced data quality and fewer failed deliveries. Our email verification technology also ensures you only capture accurate customer details and can help reduce your bounce rates by up to 98%. 

Improve UX

Reduce checkout friction caused by long and complicated forms to see an increase in conversions and reduced cart abandonment. Loqate's type-ahead address verification speeds up the checkout while ensuring that the data captured in checkout forms is clean and accurate. 

Improve customer communication

Reduce failed deliveries by ensuring only verified and standardised address data is entered into your checkout forms. Capture only valid email addresses and ensure a higher email delivery that will enable you communicate more effectively during email campaigns.

Integrate quickly and easily

Address and email verification tools from Loqate are quick and easy to implement, and can be integrated with or without the help of a developer. Our services also work seamlessly alongside your other checkout tools.  

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