Shopware 6 Integration Guide

Download plugin here

1. Install the extension from the store

2. Configurate the plugin

Open your extensions after installing the plugin and switch to the configuration mode.

2.1. Define the sales channel

Here you can choose if you want the plugin settings to apply to all the sales channels. You can also choose to activate the separate Loqate services for dedicated sales channels only.

2.2. Provide the API key

APIs require authentication through a key, which is created by adding a service to your account. Each key has its own security settings (URL and IP restriction, usage restrictions). As many keys as necessary can be set up with these restrictions.
Enter the API key in the dedicated field.

By clicking the “check API key” you can verify whether a connection to the Loqate API has been successfully established.

2.3. Activate your services

Here you can define, which Loqate services you want to activate for your sales channel.

  • Address validation
  • Email validation
  • Phone verification

Save your setting by clicking “save” and verify that the extension has been set to “active“.