Loqate, a GBG solution

Functionality differences

Type-ahead coverage

The biggest difference when it comes to Loqate and Informatica is that Informatica’s type-ahead address verification tool covers just 21 countries, meaning that the remaining 197 countries that they serve are reliant on post validation. 

Our single, simple-to-use solution provides customers with access to the world’s most comprehensive and detailed repository of address data. This means users can search and verify addresses from 249 countries and territories, all without having to type in their entire address.


Another key difference is the fact that multiple APIs are required with Informatica’s address verification tool, while with Loqate, just a single API is necessary. With one single API, businesses can integrate seamlessly in just minutes.

Location biasing

Loqate’s intuitive technology offers location biasing that is more granular and accurate, resulting in fewer keystrokes to get to the right address. By detecting the user’s location (via IP or device location, if enabled) users can rapidly narrow down address search results, finding the nearest matching addresses first.

This means that if a user is located in New York, address results from the New York area will appear first based on what the user has begun typing, allowing users to quickly and easily select a valid address. However, Informatica’s limited type-ahead coverage means few users benefit from location biasing. In order to retrieve the correct address, users are also required to complete the extra step of selecting their country.

Type-ahead vs post validation

Informatica’s limited type-ahead coverage means the majority of users are reliant on limited address lookup or post validation technology. Users are required to type the entire address, which leads to poor UX. Not only this, but the address is then validated after submission, which leads to an increase in users abandoning the form.

Without type-ahead address verification, confusion can occur as a user may not know the exact spelling of the address they want to enter. Not only is this frustrating for the person filling in the form, but can also lead to inaccurate data being entered.

Our platform enables customers to find any address in as little as three keystrokes and as quickly as 150 milliseconds. By using our unique 'fuzzy matching' tool, users can capture the most accurate address & geolocation information, even when the data entered isn’t perfect. Less keystrokes leads to faster results, which means user experience is improved and checkout abandonment rates are reduced.


There for you every step of the way

Service availability

Loqate’s uptime is 99.99%, meaning you won’t experience unnecessary availability issues. While still high, Informatica’s uptime is 99.92% per month.

Service with a smile

Loqate is suitable for businesses of all sizes looking to improve their checkout experience and data quality, and to increase conversions by removing friction from their checkout. With over 20,000 businesses using Loqate today, we’re in a unique position to understand address verification like no other, and to support you every step of the way.

Award-winning customer support

At Loqate, our friendly, award-winning support team make it their aim to resolve any issues within one working day.

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