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The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world and triggered changes in online shopping behaviour that are likely to have lasting effects.

Digital Marketplace

70% of the UK’s top 500 retailers have recognised that capturing correct address data and cleansing existing data through Loqate technology is key in ensuring they don’t get left behind in this growing digital marketplace. So, why not join them?

Data Improvement Package

Recharge and refocus your marketing efforts, boost revenue and maximise operational efficiency with our Data Improvement Package. Choose to purchase a £2.5k credit plan, and we'll add an additional £2.5k Data Improvement Package to your account.

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The Data Improvement Package includes:

Address Capture

£2,500 credit for Address Capture which gives you our lowest cost per lookup on any pay-as-you-go plan

Address Cleanse

Address cleanse, deceased screening and email cleanse up to 500,000 records - UK data only

Data health check

PLUS, you'll get a FREE data health check to identify where further improvements can be made if required.

Data Health Check

Data Health Check

With our free data health check, we'll compare your existing data against our own data sources to reveal how accurate, complete and compliant your data is. We’ll then provide a handy visual report detailing our findings.

Data Improvement Package

Submit your business email and one of our team members will be in touch within 48 business hours to get you this deal*.

* Deal available for new customers, first purchase, UK data only.