Loqate, a GBG solution

Capture accurate customer addresses

Data quality is vital to the success of any retail business. Ensure that the address data you capture in your ecommerce checkout, EPOS or CRM  sytem is valid and accurate – even when typos are entered.

Optimise your online checkout

Reduce the amount of typing required from your customers, allowing them to move quickly through the checkout. Address verification from Loqate reduces key strokes by up to 78%. 

Improve your delivery success rate

Save money on failed deliveries and increase on-time delivery rates by ensuring that your customers receive their purchases first time.

Data Degradation

Data Maintenance

Reduce returned direct mail, email bounces and redials with clean customer data. Using our Data Maintenance services, you can maximise campaign effectiveness with accurate, up-to-date contact information. Data decays at 20% per year so you must capture and maintain good quality data on an ongoing basis.

Before conducting a costly direct mail campaign, cleanse your database to ensure maximum reach. Using Data Maintenance, we can help you:

  • Standardise your addresses AND fill-in missing address elements
  • Cross-reference your database against the deceased and goneaway registers to flag individuals that require further action
  • De-dupe your database to prevent the embarrassing and costly mishaps

We can complete missing address information and provide forwarding addresses, emails or contact information that enhances your customer records and improves overall communication.

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Fixing Failed Deliveries: Improving retail data quality

65% of retailers say that failed deliveries have a significant impact on their business, and did you know that 19% of failed deliveries are caused by bad data quality. Read the latest research report 'Fixing Failed Deliveries' and learn why improving data quality in retail and ecommerce is vital to improving customer experience and your bottom line. 

Who are the world's top international retailers?

This year's International Retail Index results are out, discover who the top 30 retailers are at providing the best global experience. Learn about the experts in express delivery, what technology international retailers use and the strategies needed to increase market share and broaden global appeal. 

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