Improving switch success rates

Get standardised, quality gas and electricity data 

Switching is not always as simple as it seems. Improve first time success rates with our Utilities Register. A single API that has a direct feed to the RECCo's Gas and Electricity Services.


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How Loqate can help you 

Accelerate the switching process

Rapidly source supply point details for accurate tariff estimations and accelerate the switching process through a seamless API. Providing a better experience for your customers with less manual intervention required from your team. 

Reduce manual intervention 

Daily data refreshes and additional output fields provide you with more accurate and reliable data, reducing the need for manual intervention - saving you time and money. 

Improve your meter location data

Partial addresses are not an issue, even if the postcodes are missing. We can take your unstructured address data, verify it and improve it to enrich data across all your systems and meet compliance requirements more easily. 

Remain fully compliant 

Aligned with the UK Government's Faster Switching Programme and the new regulated industry Retail Energy Code and Central Switching Service. Our Utilities Register is a single API that has a direct feed to the RECCo's Gas and Electricity Enquiry Services. 

Work with the best

Our platform achieves 99.9% uptime with milli-second response rates, enabling customer to process over 500,000 lookups per second. 

Manage your OS license with us
Manage your OS license with us

Our Utilities Register also allows you to manage your Ordnance Survey licence through Loqate for processing and storing the Retail Energy Location (REL) data. This means you can organise and keep everything in the one place. 

Join your industry peers
Join your industry peers

For over 20 years we have been serving 95% of the utilities industry, including direct suppliers and comparison sites. These partnerships have enabled a deep understanding of the industry challenges relating to FMRS (Faster and More Reliable Switching).

Improve your switch rate

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