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Flexible APIs that enable you to build and customise a store locator to your exact requirements


Our global Store Finder incorporates flexible API’s that permits users to upload precise store coordinates or addresses that can be geocoded, along with the option to add bespoke details like opening hours and accessibility information. Seamlessly link to in-house systems as part of a smart and intuitive customer journey.

The easiest way for customers to find and know more about your locations nearby. Our global Store Finder delivers richer online experiences that drive ease of purchase and more in-location visits, generating more revenue on and offline. 

Key Benefits

Quickly and effortlessly find physical locations, saving time and enhancing overall on-line to off-line experience.

Individual APIs for complete customisation to suit bespoke requirements.

Combine the capabilities of mapping and geocoding with business information systems to offer a smart and intuitive solution.

Global coverage: Address database for 250 countries and territories containing the most comprehensive premise-level location reference data in the world.

Simplified pricing: We charge per request, offering consistent and predictable costs. Every request is a single charge, no surprises. Unlimited licensing for enterprise customers.

Store unlimited location lists with us, and easily sort them based on parameters like country, region, or store type.

Key Features


Experience pin point accuracy with premise-level geo-coordinates for 120 countries worldwide, including point-level (rooftop) geocoding in 60 countries and city centre positions for over 250 countries. Our geocoding product supports both forward and reverse geocoding, allowing users to convert addresses to coordinates and vice versa. 

Users have the flexibility to input postcodes, addresses, or even localities. Our system automatically corrects address errors ensuring you have the most accurate coordinates possible. We've also integrated non-Latin character set transliteration, empowering users to input locations in their native languages

If you have large datasets, you can submit batches of addresses or even a combination of both coordinates and addresses for geocoding. Our geocoding is built using our proprietary data process for PDH data. We collect extensive address and geocode data from hundreds of sources around the world to build the most complete and accurate dataset possible. 

Global Reference Data

The Global Reference Data is Loqate’s proprietary master database which contains the most comprehensive premise level location reference data in the world, covering 249 countries and territories.

Loqate curates its reference data by securing and combining multiple data sources for each country and territory, beyond official postal authorities, with geospatial and utility companies’ datasets into a consistent and reliable single view of a location.


Calculate distances and travel times for an array of locations. Providing travel time helps users mentally visualise their journey to the destination, offering a psychological advantage over just knowing the mileage. This versatile feature offers different transport methods (car, cycling, walking), and can handle up to 1000 locations per request.

83% of road coverage across the world:

Effortlessly calculate distances over country borders, critical for areas near boundary lines like Belgium and France.

The System precisely identifies the closest points using the provided latitude and longitude, offering configurable distance limits for increased accuracy. 


By utilising our mapping tile server, we can visually represent the results of a store search, allowing users to zoom in on store locations selected from a list. Customise your pins displayed for a personal touch.

Unlike Google, we won't render additional points of interest on our map. This keeps the map clear of clutter so that users can focus on your locations. More importantly, it won't display your competitor's stores nearby.

Manage your locations easily

UI: Upload and manage your location lists via our UI, allowing you to easily edit locations. Best for static lists and occasional edits.

API: Upload and edit lists with our API - Best for users who need to make frequent updates. Ideal for stockists, changing opening hours, and seasonal offers. 

Store unlimited location lists with us, and easily sort them based on parameters like country, region, or store type.

Eliminate the hassle of manual geocoding. When you upload a list without geocodes, we can automatically append them for you

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