4 unique industries leveraging location data for faster business growth

Customer and location data opens doors for organizations to work across new data sets, gain valuable insights, and reshape the way these industries serve their customers, plan their growth, and create market strategies. Our core products and microservices support data-driven insights, saving time & money, and optimizing efficiency across various industries and verticals.

Here we’ll take a look at four industries you may not know frequently use address and location data to support their business initiatives and growth goals:

Life Sciences

Life Sciences encompass institutions that devote the majority of their efforts to research, development, technology transfer, and commercialization. Industries like pharmaceuticals rely on accurate pharma data to develop advanced analytics, comply with evolving regulations, and successfully test and launch new drugs in the market. Without it, their ability to deliver safe medications to patients, achieve new insights, and maintain a competitive advantage is compromised.


  • Field teams are responsible for planning territories split into thousands of regions, routes, and areas.
  • Data silos lead to fragmented supply chains and critical information gaps.
  • Managing facilities and delivering clinical drugs globally requires a verified and accurate patient database.


Loqate’s Verify solution can be implemented to keep data synchronized, verified, and continuously enriched across numerous systems. Accurate address data will help the organization gain a 360-degree view of patient data collected for clinical trials and drug delivery and ensure that they remain compliant with any emerging regulations regarding client and patient data before sending new research or products to market.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas operators are responsible for delivering the best products and services to oilfield customers worldwide. But to accomplish this effectively, customer and provider data must be accurate, and strict postal and taxability guidelines must be followed. Address verification tools can help tackle the difficulties of operating across different regulatory constraints and improve their supply chains and global delivery models.


  • Duplicates of customer and supplier data in the system.
  • Taxability issues based on postal regulations.
  • Multiple international locations create inconsistent global data.


With Loqate’s Capture solution in place, real-time address capture and standardization give teams and customers a seamless experience that reduces errors and the unwanted costs associated with inaccurate data entry. On the back end, the Verify solution grants them the ability to parse, match, format, transliterate, and enhance legacy address data living in their systems, leaving only high-quality customer data behind.

Emergency Services

Law enforcement and emergency service departments are responsible for the lives and well-being of their local citizens. However, handling hundreds of emergency callers per day means that it can become challenging to collect caller data swiftly and accurately assign and dispatch responders to the appropriate locations. When a delay in response can be the difference between life or death for the caller, obtaining verified, quality data is critical.


  • Incorrect addresses can result in police going to the wrong location – delaying assistance or causing incorrect analysis of a crime scene.
  • Local dispatchers must ensure addresses are accurate to dispatch emergency response teams promptly.


Loqate Capture validates caller information while they are on the line. If the input address is incorrect, a list of alternative address options is presented, and the dispatcher will verify the address with the caller. The dispatcher can then share the location and caller data with the proper authorities. Through our Geocoding API, addresses are enhanced with longitude and latitude data that can be input into any GIS or GPS device and mapped for display on their vehicle screen.

Local & State Government

State and local government departments interact with numerous individuals daily. However, in public sector agencies, it is common to receive several streams of information from a myriad of sources. This lack of data standardization causes inaccuracies in patient data, making it difficult to maintain data quality and support case management initiatives.  To effectively monitor residency, deliver streamlined services, and ensure that officials are managing cases in the correct jurisdiction, verified data is necessary.


  • Authenticated address data is required to determine residency.
  • Residents who interact with the judicial system must create a case record - incorrect address data leads to duplicate records & longer processing times.


Verify’s parsing and matching engines discover incomplete or inaccurate data in your contact records and enrich it with data from our global databases. This allows for the removal of duplicates and deletion of incorrect records that are in the wrong jurisdiction or are no longer valid.

Joining Loqate’s Global Partner Program

No matter the size or industry of the organization, no one can afford to cut corners on data collection and efficacy. Loqate curates and develops premium global datasets and technology engines, enabling our customers and partners to significantly enhance the functionality and capability of their own product offerings by integrating our Address Capture, Address Verify, and Geocoding APIs.

Loqate’s Global Partner Program can ensure that your data always contains correct address information. Built by aggregating multiple data sources into a single master reference to any location worldwide, our solutions support the capture of accurate address data and can enrich any address with latitude and longitude coordinates for pinpoint precision. 

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